Wine workshops in Herault, in the Minervois region

Oenological workshops

Because of the extremely fertile soil in this region, vines have been growing here since the Roman times, BC. 

We invite you to discover wines of the Minervois region by booking one of our workshops, which can be tailored to meet individual reqirements. 

These are conducted by oenologist winemakers either at their property or at the Château de Siran. The workshop includes the tasting of three wines, in order for you to appreciate the particular specialities of the region.

Reserve a wine workshop at the Domaine Clos Centeilles with Patricia Boyer-Domergue:

Her domain is located in the extension of the Church of Centeilles. The vineyards are divided in terrasses, and sourrounded by stone walls, almond trees, acacia, olive and cyprès.

Patricia Boyer-Domergue is interested in forgotten varieties : Riveyrenc , Oeillade, Araignan. She produces rare wines of great finesse.

Among our favorites are the elegant Capitelle - 100% Cinsault made with very old vines with silky and delicate tannins, White C Centeilles made with Araignan, Riveirenc and gray Grenache gives an unique and complex white wine. Not to forget the Erme, an old vine Grenache Gris brought to a concentration and an optimum harvest (passerillage) in early December. It makes for a wonderful sweet wine for dessert.

Discover and taste the wines of the Minervois

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Cost: 30€ per person / 45€ for two people

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Workshops and vineyard tours are by appointment only.