4-star hotel with pool in Siran

The garden and the surrounding vinyards

The Chateau de Siran is located on the edge of a village surrounded by vineyards in the heart of Minervois. It is a very beautiful setting and is also surrounded by villages of the region such as: Olonzac, Aigne, Minerva, Homps, Lezignan-Corbieres, Caunes-Minervois Rieux-Minervois, Villeneuve-Minervois La Livinière ....
Every season, the scenery and surroundings offers many colours and very beautiful landscapes.
The  castle garden in the summer welcomes you where there are plants and a Mediterranean pool at which birds come to drink and where doves and green frogs offer a romantic setting for relaxation.  Meals are served in the shade of the relaxing and calming lime tree, which we are led to believe is over 100 years old!

Place to relax

Heated swimming pool with countercurrent

A very nice swimming pool was installed in the courtyard,  beside the Gothic arches, which  allows you to swim, relax and unwind in privacy and tranquillity. 

The pool is fitted with a function that enables you to swim against the current, it also has massage nozzles and a fountain, and is heated from May to October.

The massages with essential oils

All our massages  offered in aromatherapy use  natural products, essential oils of flowers, plants and herbs. They are very effective in promoting relaxation; relaxing the fight against stress and anxiety of everyday life and contribute to improving the well-being by providing immediate relief.

The Ayurvedic evolved  more than five thousand years ago in India. It is very relaxing and gives the body a feeling of lightness and energy. Each session is customized, from slow and reassuring  to deeper and stimulating. Duration 1 hour, 79 euros or 99 euros preceded by an exfoliating scrub.

The Lomi Lomi massage means the Hawaiian word for "knead, squeeze." This massage is done with fingers, palms, forearm and elbow. It relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and improves sleep. Duration 1 hour, 79 euros

The Thai Foot Reflexology stimulates the reflex points of the feet and lower legs, it can relieve stress, improve sleep and relax muscle tension. Duration: 45 minutes, 59 euros

Book before you come in "booking options".

All our massages are non medical and non-para-medical. They are modeling aesthetic comfort, without medical purpose made by a qualified beautician. They can be cons-indicated for certain medical conditions and pregnant women. (Article 38 of Law No. 2005-882 of 02/08/2005)

Serenity and comfort


The Beauty-care area of Château de Siran is open to the hotel's outside clientele. We welcomes you on reservation every day except Tuesdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

We offer aromatherapy massages and we chose Anne Sémonin, the international brand for facial treatments.Our massages and our care respond to the same approach, to give you all the attention and the interest necessary to offer you a unique moment, personalized and adapted to your needs.

Our philosophy

Anaïs who will take care of you is a professional of care and well-being.
After 3 years of physiotherapy, she studied massage with specialization in aromatherapy, training in energy and training specific to products and protocols Anne Sémonin.
She will offer you an exchange time to better adapt your treatment to your needs and your desires.

We chose to work with an international brand whose expertise in facials care is incomparable.
Anne Sémonin designs phyto-aromatic treatments that combine serums, masks and intensive complexes that Anaïs will perfectly adapt to your skin because it is unique.
Energy drainage, the exclusive technology of the brand, further strengthens the efficiency of the products.

The times indicated are real time of care plus the welcome time we offer you:

Massage and body care

  • 30 minutes 50 €
  • 45 minutes 70 €
  • 60 minutes 90 €
  • 90 minutes 120 €
  • Supplement of clay stones 10 €

Facial care Anne Sémonin

  • 60 minutes 95 €
  • 25 minutes 50 €

Treatments by appointment: contact the 04 68 91 55 98, book directly on the site at the same time as your room or by mail anais.lopez@chateau-de-siran.com. A credit card number will be required upon booking. The total price of the reserved treatment will be charged if cancellation or deferral is not made 24 hours in advance.